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1981 26. april, Prague



1994    Basic school with special dance education and visiting Dance Centre Prague, classes of A. Schneider
1999    Graduation at Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague
2001    Graduation of higher education at Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague
2005    Graduation at Dance Academy Folkwang Hochschule in Germany



2005    1st prize at Jarmila Jerabkova Choreographic Competition in Czech Republic
2006    Nomination for the main prize of choreographic competition SAZKA Prize for “discovery in dance”, scholarship to New York - Movement Research and Dance Theater
2008    1st Prize at choreographic competition SAZKA Prize for “discovery in dance” in Czech Republic

Residency in Barcelona at Catalan Artistic Organization Area Tangent, creation of a dance solo “El puente” especialy made for the Festival Temporada Alta in Girona, Spain

 2010     reprezentation of Czech Republic at the international exhibition EXPO in Shaghai with the solo Lagrima

2010      residenci from 4 plus 4 dny v pohybu and Lieux pubic in Marseille - festival Small is beautifull

 Lenka Kniha Bartůňková originally from Czech Republic, first encountered movement instruction at the age of five, when she attend modern gymnastics classes. During her studies at primary school in Prague 6, she first became interested in dance under the guidance of P. Veleta and concurrently attended classes at the A. Schneider Dance Centre at Petřiny. She then decided to devote herself to dance and completed six years of study at the Duncan Centre conservatory in Prague 4, under the direction of Eva Blažíčková and other Czech and international professors.

On completion of her studies there, she decided to enrich her experience at the Folkwang Hochschule in Germany, where she succesfully completed a four year degree course.She lived for five years in Germany, where she studied for four years under direction of professors and dancers of the famouse German choreographer Pina Bausch. She cooperates with the German company Renegade theater, who combine contemporary and break dance with visual art.

She lived for two years in Spain, where she is involved in creative and pedagogical activity, and where she also participated in a project by Catalonian choreographer Roberto Olivan. She has cooperated with Czech and international choreographers like, for example: Lorca Renoux, Samir Akika, La Fura dels Baus, Norbert Steinwartz, Ioana Mona Popovoci, Chikako Kaido, Marcus Michalowsky, Maya Lipsker, Chiara Girolomini, Ben Riepe, Eva van de Rakt, Petra Hauerová, Kristýna Celbová riol Aymat Fusté, Anca Huma and others...She has also participapated en the making of dance movies such as: Face to face, Four letters, My name is Luisa, The stories of milkman

She was performing in countries like: Kazakhstan, New York, China - Macao, Shanghai, Spain, France, England, Germany and in Zimbabwe.