Adams R.I.P

physical theatre

The production was created in collaboration with choreographer Lenka Kniha B. and the Pottporus organization in Germany. Adam’s RIP’, is Renegade theater’s first all-female production. The aim of the project was to connect and create a performance that features a collaboration of female performers and choreographers with different professional backgrounds. The performers are female dancers coming from the sectors, Break dance, Contemporary dance and Pool dance.

The dance theatre performance leans on and discusses female themes. It is based on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, who was created from his rib..

A slightly feminist grotesque that asks the question “Woman in today’s world”.

Directed, choreographed: Lenka Kniha Bartůňková
Dramaturgy: Julia Figdor
Assisted by Katharina Klaßmann, Kama Frankl
Light: Martina Bauer, Denny Klein
Sound, production engineer: Peter Rachel
Production Manager: Zekai Fenerci
Dance: Bahar Gökten, Frieda Frost, Elisa Marschall, Sarah Bockers, Phyllis Rhode
Production: Pottporus eV / Renegade
Supported by: NRW priority funding allocated by the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
(duration: 60 minutes)