Five to twelve

dance solo with live music

The choreography is inspired by the 1997 sonata for cello and piano by Russian composer Alfred Schnitke. It is a direct dialogue between music and movement, which gives the opportunity to enter a time where we come face to face with life and death. We follow the path of life and its intricate crossroads to its very end. Like a river, time cannot stop.

This musical and dance duet could be seen at the street festival in Tarragona (ES), but also in other theatre venues such as the Duncan Centre in Prague, the old stage of the Folkwang Hochschule German Art School and the main theatre of the Teatro Municipal “La Llanterna” in Mora D’Ebre (ES).

Choreography and interpretation: Lenka Kniha B.

Music (cello): Oriol Aymat Fuste

Lighting design: Tomáš Morávek

(duration: 25 min.)