physical theater


Place, time and the environment we find ourselves in are the main motives that influence us in life. We walk along the path of life where we cross paths with the paths of other destinies. Every journey has a beginning and an end. It changes at every moment and it is up to us which direction we take, how and who we want to be. It is up to us what decision we make when we find ourselves at the crossroads of life.

Choreography, interpretation: Lenka Kniha B.
Music: Miguel Marin
Lighting design: Janek Rous

(duration:30 minutes)

I know a place,
there’s a hill in that place
and there’s a tree on that hill.

The tree is old and has been there for many years.
It stands there in silence, but it is not alone.

The wind plays gently with its branches,
which are beginning to change into new, rich green leaves.

In those leaves is a nest
and in that nest is a bird.
It sits there, and each morning its song welcomes the tree to the new day.

“How beautifully it sings its song”
It jumps from branch to branch,
hiding among the leaves and playing hide-and-seek with it.

Then the day comes when the tree has put away its leaves,
the bird took flight and flew away again for a while.

It’s spring and the tree is no longer on the hill.
I put on my clothes,
I’ve heard it’s windy on the hills.

I stand here in silence,
with the wind in my hair, facing the dawn
and I just ask,
I wonder where the bird that flew away built its nest.