Orbis pictus

“The moment that is my life and the image of my world.” Inspired by Carl Gustav Jung’s Red Book, the duet deconstructs the nature of humanity through conscious and unconscious binaries. The achievement of transcendence is made impossible by our ability to define ourselves solely through our isolation from our surroundings. Orbis Pictus is an introspective dance pilgrimage that plays with images of the collective unconscious.

“My speech is imperfect. I speak in images not to flash words, but out of an inability to find words. Other than in pictures, I am unable to utter words of depth.” (C. G. Jung, The Red Book)

Conception and choreography: Lenka Kniha B./ Michal Záhora
Cast: Dagmar Chaloupková, Michal Záhora
Music: Carlo Natoli
Costume design: Mariana Novotná
Lighting design and scenography: Jan Komárek
Lights: Jiří Hajdyla
Graphic design: Jana Baladová
Photo: Aneta Šebelková, Adam Hruška / DIOD Jihlava

Co-producer: Tanec Praha o. s. / Ponec Theatre
Production: Honza Malík & Nanohach o. s. s.

Supported by. Prague, DIOD – Open Door Theatre Jihlava, Pap-rna Plzeň, Duncan Centre Conservatory