dance solo with live music

A solo dance performance with live music based on direct communication between sound and movement with a theme inspired by the poem “Panter” by German writer Rainer Maria Rilke. The choreography was premiered in Spain at Teatro Municipal La Llanterna Mora DÈbre, after which it was performed in venues such as the cultural cafe Cafe Ada,made famous by Pina Bausch (Wuppertal-Germany), and the Duncan Centre (CZ).

Choreography and dance: Lenka Kniha Bartůňková
Music (cello): Oriol Aymat Fuste
(duration: 30 minutes)

Sight, stiffened by a steady walk along the bars,
has long since stopped looking around.

The gaze seems to weigh down a thousand bars
and beyond a thousand bars no world.

With a steady stride on the march
…in a regular circle,

as mighty forces dance round a point,
…in the faint whirl of the gloom…

Sometimes, when the veil of eyelids reveals,
a vision creeps into his eye,
Wakes the calm, stretched muscles
…in his heart he falls asleep again.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 Prague – 1926 Valmont)