(site specific)


Video: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/813958891

The title of the choreography Lágrima (translated as tear) is a site-specific performance. The Requiem is dedicated to the struggle for freedom and rights. It is closely linked to the performance “Requiem – Letter ” and it’s legacy: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/813958891

Concept / dance: Lenka Kniha B.

Music: Arvo Part

(duration: 10 min.)

Visual dance solo “Lágrima”(requiem) and its first version with shorter fabric were created for the occasion of the World EXPO in Shanghai in 2010, where it was part of the Czech Republic’s representation. It was then modified for the French festival Small is beautiful for the specific space of Saint Charles stairs in Marseille, where a second version with a long fabric was created to illustrate the meaning of the performance tear. Lágrima has been reprised at festivals in the Czech Republic -Dance Platform, Vzbuďme Vary, Dance Prague, and in Germany.

  • Technical parameters/possibilities of use:

The solo performance can be modified to different types of external spaces. The interpretation has two variations according to the type of space.

1 st. variant: staircase, inclined surface ( 10 m long fabric variant)

2 nd. variant: flat surface (variant with shorter fabric)