Libera me

Awards: 1st prize of the Jarmila Jeřábková Choreographic Competition (2005)

The solo dance performance “Libera me” was created in 2005 in Germany and was entered in the Jarmila Jeřábková Choreographic Competition, where it won the first prize. The main inspiration is the composition “Libera me” by the contemporary Czech composer Silvia Bodorova, which was the main assignment of the choreographic competition in 2005.

“Libera me” is a requiem that speaks of a feeling of faith, in something that we know deep down does not exist and cannot be changed, but we still hope for it. Faith in something that has long been lost, but where hope still remains. A sense of self-punishment as a path to liberation, cleansing and finding a solution or freedom. It is about the germ of a light that will not go out.

Choreography and interpretation: Lenka Kniha B.

Music: Silvie Bodorová, composition Libera me

Costumes: Mariana Novotná

(duration: 12 min.)