Throwing women with a stone

interactive dance theater


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A dance jukebox in which the viewer is actively involved. The scenographic element is dominated by a screen with costumes and a chessboard with nine squares, under which several dance choreographies are hidden.The audience, chosen by fate, has the opportunity to become the director of this performance.In his hands he has the power to choose the sequence of the evening by throwing his stone on one of the squares of the chessboard. The task of both the dancer and the assistant is to respond to the director’s choice, where they must complete an assignment in order to create the perfect bespoke performance.

“Is it going to be chess or checkmate?”

Concept, choreography and dance: Lenka Kniha B.

The role of assistant and usher: Johana Matoušková

Musical collage: Michal Konvalinka

Light design: Radek Pytelka

Project was supported by theater Roxy NOD