Educational activity

As a lecturer I worked at a conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague, at high school Hamu (nonverbal theater), at a British school – classes of contemporary dance for children (Prague), at space for the new circus Cirqueon (Prague), at cultural place Zahrada in Chodov (Prague), at Artual.

Lessons are for the general public. I realize and develop my teaching activities with professionals and unprofessional society, from the majority to the senior generation. The technics I teach are based on my own experience and knowledge that I have accumulated during my life. I teach Contemporary dance, Physical theater, Contact improvisation, Ballet, and Pilates technic.

I teach in the Czech language, English, and Spanish.

Characteristics of the techniques

Contemporary dance technique

Contemporary dance lesson is a mixture of techniques that influenced me as a dancer. The dance class is based on principles of techniques such as the Release technique, Flow technique Limon technique, Floor work, Breakdance, and Capoeira.  In its foundation, the technique is based on the evolution and natural movement of a human.

1st stage: Embryonal position: (the body opening as the flower, flat positions.
2nd stage: Toddler position: on four extremities.
3rd stage: Upright stance. The technique occupies the relationship of the body in space in the vertical and horizontal planes. How to get down and up. It focuses on the inner and external environment and how to use gravitation in action.

Improvisation/ Body-mind – team-building / contact improvisation

This technique is not based on a different step of variations, but on playing full exercises, that can do everybody. The basic work is with the center of the body, the work with the wait and how to use it in the space alone, in contact with the partner, or with the group. It focuses on awakening and using reflex and instinct and conveying trust. Respect and listening to ourselves and the others in the group is the main point of the technique. This technique is suitable for everyone,  who is open to communicating physically with their inner world and wants to connect with others.

Contemporary dance for children

Technique / Improvisation

Dance class for children is structured by a form of creative games and movement combinations that develops the natural physical progress of each child. The focus of the class is also on discovering and developing own physical expression. We are training physical memory, and rhythmics. We work with fantasy and imagination. The children are leaden to listen to their feelings, to understand their bodies and to cooperate with the group.

Age: (3 – 5 years), (6 – 9 years) (10 – 15 years)

Ballet for children

Ballet training for little ones is based primarily on the playful development of each child’s physical disposition. It focuses primarily on the fundamentals of posture, hip joint mobility, footwork, mid-body strength, and stretching the entire musculoskeletal system. Emphasis is placed on introducing children to their bodies so that they understand how to perceive and work with them. The class works with imagination to help the child understand the ballet elements and develop their imagination.

Age: (6-9 years) (10-15 years)

Body work out

The lesson is aimed at strengthening and stretching the entire musculoskeletal system. It is based on the principles of Pilates technique, Graham technique, and Yoga. I deal with strengthening the stabilization system of the middle of the body(pelvic floor, internal abdominal and back muscles) on strengthening and stretching the muscle groups of the whole body. The Pilates method combines strength, muscle work, and stretching. It requires maximum concentration on the precision of execution. It shapes the body and improves posture, balance, and coordination.

Movement and voice workshops

This class focuses on working with voice and movement. It is primarily based on working with breath, qualities of movement, voice and rhythm. You will become familiar with your capabilities through various principles and games. The class is suitable for non-professionals.

“Voice and movement are inseparably linked. I express your personality, your state of mind, your needs and your moods. Come explore, play and unwind from everyday life.”

Classes are for age groups: Children (ages 8-11) ( ages 11-15) (ages 15-18) Adults (ages 20-30) (ages 30-64) ( seniors 65 and up)