30.6 – 5.7 2023 – I dance because I am – Pulsation

The Dance Movement Workshop is open to anyone who is looking for a new form of expression other than verbally, and who is interested in exploring their own physical capabilities and movement material.

How can we express our imagination through movement? How does our body respond to external stimuli such as sound and contact?

The main theme of the workshop will be I’m (pulse). We will explore the impulse with the help of working with and without a partner. The workshop will be a way of discovering ourselves, our potential, and our limits. We will go back to the awakening of our senses and instincts. We will work mostly on the basis of dance movement improvisation, which will be based on the principles of working with the center of gravity and the flow of energy in the body. We will use principles from dance techniques such as Contact Improvisation and Flow technique.

More information and application form: https://ustek5.cz/akce2023/kreativnidny