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A dreamlike series of images capturing fragments of real stories inspired by a magical place in the Spanish Galicia - a place where according to ancient beliefs “the world ends“ at the borderline between the land and the wide ocean, beyond which lies the great unknown.In the silence of night, will-o-the wisps shall lead us to the lighthouse, which has stood proudly erect down the ages, before the painted "La rosa de los vientos" symbol of the rose on the Galician cliffs, which guides passing ships. The sign enables one to consider all the cardinal direction - into one


The latest dance theatre production funded from SAZKA Prize for „discovery in dance“ 2008


Choreography and direction:   Lenka Kniha Bart¨˛ková
Choreography assistants   Kristýna Liška Boková
   Lotte Nouwkens (BE)
Interpretation:   Johana Matoušková
   Lenka Kniha Bart¨˛ková
   Eliška Kašparová
   Jirka Jelínek

Ciril Šajch

Matýj Halaš

Music:  Stanislav Abrahám
Light design:   Pavel Kotlík
Stage design:   www.atelierkrea.cz
Duration: 60 minutes



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