“The musical composition of their lives is only at its first bars, they write it together and exchange motifs. When they meet years later, their composition is almost complete, and each word, each subject, means something different in the composition of one or the other.”

Concept and choreography: Lenka Kniha B.

Assistant Choreographer: Marta Trpišovská

Lighting design: Michael Vodenka

Music by Janek Rous

(duration: 45 min.)

Performed by: Jeanne Aitken, Kristýna Černá, Magdaléna Havlínová, Vladlena Klimek, Tereza Moulisová, Anna Pohlová, Barbora Puková, Anna Marie Tombová, Vanesa Tošovská, Adéla Trejbalová, Natálie Tunová, Štěpán Uhlík, Elisabeth van de Loo, Eliška Veškrnová, Emílie Živčáková

The performance was created in cooperation with the Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague. The choreography was created during a quarter-long collaboration between Lenka Kniha B. and third-year students of the DC Conservatory.

Thanks to Continuo Theatre for supporting us with a residency.