Prelude for cherry

dance, live music, poetry

“Prelude for the Cherry Tree” is an experimental performance in collaboration of artistic disciplines: dance, live music (electric cello) poetry (20th century Japanese haiku poems). This performance was inspired by the concept of the musical structure of the Suite, which is based on improvisation. The idea was that the choreography should be created and work on the same rules that apply in the Suite. The structured improvisation consists of five units: the Prelude, Allemande, Courrante, Bourre 1,2,1, and Gigue. The challenge was to keep to the structure and given character of all the movements contained in the Suite. Each movement is musically specific and different in some way, which is why the cherry tree was chosen as a connecting theme, as it appears in various ways in the choreography, either in theme, shape, poetry, or color. Although this performance has a precise structure, improvisation is a strong part of it, as the prelude is specific to improvisation in music. Thus, the title of the performance suggests that the audience will find themselves in a cherry orchard where they will become part of the prelude, the wonder of nature and its elusive lightness of being. Since the prelude is specific in music to improvisation.

Concept: Lenka Kniha B, Oriol Aymat Fuste

Dance: Lenka Kniha B.

Live music (cello): Oriol Aymat Fuste

Recitation: Lukáš Kalivoda

Lighting design: Tomáš Morávek

Sound: Janek Rous

(duration: 60 min.)

A butterfly on a flower

now fluttering its wings.

What does he dream about?

Of these beautiful things!

It’s impossible to see them all

in the blooming spring.

The willow tree sleeps in the morning

wrapped in mist,

that rises slowly.

The scent of plum.

Every morning it freezes

in the shadow of the blossoms.

Though the nightingale tries to wake her,

the willow sleeps still.

The willow untangles its branches,

…at the wind’s will.

The mourning willow, silent, lonely

In the moonlight.

The butterflies cannot sleep in the grass by the road,

The cherry blossoms are in bloom.

What do the leafless trees ponder?

What is it that draws your eyes to the cherry leaves?

is only a butterfly.