foto: Vojta Brtnický

visual dance theatre

A reimagined work telling the story of one fish’s journey across the ocean. The production depicts snippets of real stories and transports the audience to Galicia, where people’s former ideas of “where the world ended”. The history of Galicia has Celtic roots, linked to myths and stories of witches, the sea and the fishermen who depended on it and still do. Fish is therefore about a journey and a search on the high seas, in which snippets of real-life stories are reflected.

The performance combines elements of dance, theatre, live and recorded music. It depicts the time from dawn to dusk and transports the viewer to a place where the characters meet with fragments of their life stories and where one asks oneself whether one is in reality or in a dream.

foto: Vojta Brtnický

Choreography, dramaturgy and direction by: Lenka Kniha B.

Assistant choreographer: Lotte Nouwkens

Performed by: Johana Matoušková, Eliška Kašparová, Lenka Kniha B., Jan Březina, Cyril Šajch, Matěj Halaš, Jiří Jelínek.

Lighting design: Pavel Kotlík

Music: Stanislav Abrahám

Set and costume design:

The performance was created with the support of the Ponec Theatre and financial rewards from the Sazka Prize 2008 choreographic competition.